Coleshill Church of England Infant School

"Let your light shine"
Matthew 5: 15-16

Science Week

Last week we enthusiastically celebrated British Science Week. This year’s theme was ‘Connections’. Connections offered a huge range of topics to explore from gas bubbles to the human body. At Coleshill Infant School, we love to inspire and enthuse children to learn and Science Week provided us with a wonderful opportunity to do so. The children were immersed in a week full of awe and wonder and fun activities and engaged in some very inquisitive thinking.


Here are a few of the photos of what the children got up to during our very busy Science week:  

Reception experimented with M&Ms, made popcorn dance in water and made split pin people and made lava lamps.


Year 1’s made a rocket using a balloon, some exciting Elephant tooth paste and even made an egg bounce!


Year 2’s looked at how the parts of a plant are connected and experimented making circuits with bulbs and motors.


All of the children also experimented making paper aeroplanes out of different types of paper and having a whole school race outside! They talked about how the wind helped or hindered their flights. The children also LOVED our coke and mentos explosion. The looks on their faces were a picture!


We were also had lots of very interesting speakers visit the school.  We started the week off with an online assembly with Michael Dunn, who taught the children all about his role and life in the Antarctic. The children (and staff) were fascinated and learned a lot. 


All the children thoroughly enjoyed learning how to be a doctor in our teddy bear hospital with Dr Hobcroft. A huge thank you to Oliver’s mum for coming in and teaching the children how to bandage their toys and helping them make their very own hospital badge!  


Another big thank you goes to Dr Jane Mcneilly, (a school governor) who held an assembly to show the children all about her role as an anaesthetist.  The children found it interesting learning about Mercy Ships who bring surgeries to people with little access to care.


Huge thanks also goes to Conrad's dad who volunteered to talk about the human skeleton and even bandaged up Conrad’s arm in front of the school.


Eloise’s dad presented a wonderful lesson on how vaccines are used to protect us against diseases.  It stimulated some fabulous questions including "Why do people get a vaccine if they are not poorly?", "If germs are around and on you all of the time, how do they sometimes make you sick?" and "What is it in soap and hand sanitiser that kills germs?"


The children also had visit from Wild Science, who delivered a fantastic workshop, including dry ice experiments.


We are all very grateful of the visitors help during the week, the children and adults learnt so much!  Some comments from the Year 2 children include: 


“I liked Eloise’s Daddy because he makes lots of vaccines that help people to not get viruses.  I learned that hand sanitiser has alcohol in it”


“ I liked when we learned about how we get the vaccinations to stop us getting sick and it puts dead germs in your body and when you get the real illness it is easier for your body to fight it off.”


“He told us about bones!  He told us about how light bones were and that they have a honeycomb inside.”  


“I learned that you don’t have to have a sling for a broken up, you have bandages and a cast” 


“She said that was one of the people that puts people to sleep.  We learned about a little boy whose legs were getting wider and wider and she helped him by straightening them.”


“He told us a lot about the Arctic.  He told us about penguins, seals and how deep the snow was.  I most liked it when he told us about the penguins and seals waiting outside the front door of his hut”.


“ I liked it when she got loads of beakers and we got to choose lots of different colours for each one.  After that she put in some hot water and dry ice and then it made a big explosion of mist.  It was really fun because we learned that that’s how they make the potions in Harry Potter!”


“My favourite part was when she made the ginormous bucket of bubbles! And I didn’t know you could mix washing soap, hot water and dry ice together to make bubbles with smoke in”


The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and we are so proud of how well the children have embraced a week of science.  We look forward to inspiring their scientific minds even more throughout the year!