Coleshill Church of England Infant School

"Let your light shine"
Matthew 5: 15-16

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Three facts about Mrs Watkins:

1) She has flown a plane

2) She once rode on an elephant

3) She has driven a motorbike


Three facts about Mrs Mason:

1) She has a dog called Arnie who like to lick people's faces!

2) She went to school with Taylor Swift

3) She once slept in an ice house on a bed made of ice


Three facts about Mrs Whitticase:

1) She has a large collection of seashells

2) She is a master scuba diver and has dived with lots of sharks

3) She has eaten octopus, ostrich and crocodile


Three facts about Miss Keep:

1) She can speak a different language

2) She once flew over lions in a hot air balloon

3) Her favourite colour is green


Three facts about Mrs Barron:

1) She has climbed a volcano in Hawaii

2) She has fed dates to camels that belong to the King of Bahrain

3) She has walked the whole of the South Coast Path



Did you know...


Fact 1: Elephants are actually purple


Fact 2: Earth has two moons


Fact 3: Lions are yellow because they eat lots of sweetcorn