Coleshill Church of England Infant School

"Let your light shine"
Matthew 5: 15-16



At Coleshill, our intention is to foster a love of maths that enables our children to become fluent, competent and confident mathematicians of the future.  It is our aim to ensure our children develop a deep and lasting understanding of the mathematical concepts that we teach in practical and creative ways.  We aim to provide experiences that help to develop a growth mindset, allowing us to embrace challenge, encourage perseverance and celebrate resilience when solving problems that require critical thinking and logical reasoning.  We aim to form a solid foundation in the basic building blocks of maths by applying our skills in order to solve real life problems based in the real world while also discovering the wonder of maths, having opportunities to make links between learning and to see mathematical patterns. 


In Reception, music is taught within our Early Years Curriculum and at Key Stage 1, both Year 1 and Year 2 follow the Charanga Scheme of Learning.  This is complemented by learning drumming in Year 1 and the recorder in Year 2.  Please read our Music Policy and Progression of Skills for further information


Here is what some of our pupils say about why it is important to learn Music and what they have enjoyed learning the most: